Farm Truck Institute

Welcome to Farm Truck Institute, home of The Reiche Projectwhere Community is Family.

Portland is a foodie town but over 30 percent of our kids suffer from food insecurity. I was shocked by this statistic. As a former chef and restaurateur (co-founder, Walter’s Café, co-founder Perfetto’s Restaurant, Cotton St. Cantina, 15 Independence, Mazza, and Fresh!), I knew I needed to do something to help.  

When I helped my son Joseph open Farm Truck Juice (FTJ), a juice and smoothie place using organic ingredients from local farmers, I decided to start Farm Truck Institute (FTI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering nutritious snacks to the nearby Howard C. Reiche Community School. As our motto for FTI says, “Community is Family.”

Join us in helping the kids at the Reiche School get the kind of nutritious snacks they need. Your generous donation will help us provide the children of The Reiche School with fresh-pressed juices made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

By donating to The Reiche Project you will be making a difference. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Please stop into FTJ at 189 Brackett Street for a juice or smoothie—and a personal thank you from Joseph and me for supporting our efforts to keep kids well-nourished.

Thank you,

Walter Loeman